Installation Instructions


Apache, v1.3.x
Apache is the worlds most widely used web-server and included with all Linux distributions I know of. The current source code, in case you want to compile it yourself, can be retrieved from:
Linux-PAM 0.64+ (0.68 or higher is recommended)
If your system does not include Linux-PAM by default, this module is probably not what you want!
more information on Linux-PAM

Compiling the source code

If this is your first Apache module, skip the following paragraph and go directly to dynamic shared object module.

mod_auth_pam is as standard as it gets with respect to module installation, so if you are familiar with installing and using 3rd party modules, you should have no trouble at all and can use any of the supported installation methods. I strongly recommend using the DSO method, as it is by far the easiest way and will give you a working system in no time. If you are looking for more information, the Apache Group has written a very detailed explanation of DSO modules.

Now, here's what you have to do:

If everything went smoothly, proceed with Configuring mod_auth_pam. If you ran into an error, please check out the Apache Guide to DSO's.