pluggable authentication for Apache


mod_auth_pam is provided as source-code. To compile it, you need the Apache development files (headers and libraries), as well as a 'C' compiler for your platform.

A note on patches: There are a couple of patches submitted by mod_auth_pam users, for application prior to compilation. These patches are not tested by me but run at least at one site and are provided here for interested users.

Apache 1.3
Module source: mod_auth_pam-1.1.1.tar.gz.
Patch to pass through client IP addresses by Jason Clifford.
Patch for specifying the service name (instead of 'httpd') by Eivind Tagseth.
Apache 2.0
Module source: mod_auth_pam-2.0-1.1.1.tar.gz.
Patch for session support by Berthold Cogel.
Patch for setting service name and caching authentication results by bfleisch.
Patch for authentication using secondary groups by Jesse Guardini.