Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Authentication works using daemon xyz but not with Apache. Whats wrong?

    In contrast to most other daemons, Apache does not run as the super-user and, therefore, does not have access to the same information. Please make sure the module in question does not require superuser rights or whether it can be configured to not use them.

  2. I want to use other authentication modules, how do I turn mod_auth_pam off for one directory?


    AuthPAM_Enabled off
    in your .htaccess

  3. I configured mod_auth_pam in the .htaccess as shown above, but Apache doesn't ask for username/password. Why?

    Most likely, per-directory authorization configuration is disabled. Use

    AllowOverride AuthConfig
    in your access.conf

  4. I get lots of "undefined references" when compiling Apache with your module, why?

    You are using Apache 1.3 and an old version of mod_auth_pam.c. Get v0.7 from the downloadables section.

  5. I get "500 server error" instead of a password prompt when trying to access a password protected page. Why?

    You are probably using an incorrect .htaccess configuration. Please check your servers error_log for details.

  6. I get "500 server error" after entering the password for a password protected page

    The username you entered is probably not in the system database. In that case, mod_auth_pam falls through to mod_auth and mod_auth needs more configuration than mod_auth_pam. Solution: Either disable fall-through or configure AuthUserFile and AuthGroupFile for mod_auth

  7. Does mod_auth_pam work with shadow passwords?

    Yes, but you have to make some changes to the shadow password file. See Using Shadow with PAM for details.

  8. What if my question is not answered here?

    Try asking in the help forum or on the mailing-list!